Food Safari Water is the next delicious helping of Food Safari Elements. After Fire and Earth, FOOD SAFARI explores the bounty of the water. The team at Kismet Productions unearthed an abundance of recipes and cuisines, traditions and tastes…it seems every country on earth does something unique, inventive and delicious with seafood.

“Our research showed a vast number of seafood recipes across the cuisines of the world but putting the episodes together and seeing the stories and the dishes come together gave us goosebumps – this is one of our very best series!” says host Maeve O’Meara.   

Food Safari Water is a vibrant, comprehensive 13-part series which not only showcases the great seafood dishes of the world, it explores the traditions of catching and preserving fish, shellfish, crustaceans and sea vegetables – a celebration of hardworking fishermen and women, divers and foragers, processors and smokers as well the brilliant chefs and home cooks who share their treasured recipes and techniques.

Covering cuisines as diverse as Senegalese, Sri Lankan, Greek, Spanish, Peruvian, Lebanese, Turkish, Thai, English and Brazilian, Food Safari Water taps into a glorious exploration of the bounty of the Water and seamlessly captures the zeitgeist – a move away from the protein of the land to the lighter healthier option of food from the water – many refer to seafood as the ‘best protein on the planet”.

In fact, one of Australia’s top seafood chefs, Steve Hodges says: “Chicken is chicken, beef is beef… they’re one dimensional… but fish and seafood is truly another world…there’s just so much flavour here and endless variety!”

Filmed across 12 months and in all weathers, Food Safari Water is a visual delight featuring the top chefs and best cooks of multicultural Australia.